Volunteer With Us!

Sunshine Action USA is always looking for new people to get involved. One of the ways you can help is by volunteering at one of our packing or food distribution events. Find out when the next event is happening near you. You can email Monica.Bhardwaj@sunshine-action.org or view our updated "Events" page.

What Does Being A Volunteer Mean?

Most of our upcoming events will focus on food poverty relief for homeless individuals and low-income families. These events require lots of volunteers to assemble, pack and distribute our food bags. For each event you will be needed for 1- 2 hours. Taking part in our events is great fun as you get to meet lots of other like-minded volunteers who want to provide for the most vulnerable in society.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer with us, please contact Monica Bhardwaj: Monica.Bhardwaj@sunshine-action.org

Corporate Team Building

We offer corporate team-building events where your organization can partner with Sunshine Action to help us supply, package, and distribute packed Food Bags for one event. Company employees can serve as volunteers helping throughout the process. This unique opportunity allows companies to facilitate team bonding among employees while also supporting Sunshine Action's mission and helping the company achieve its charitable targets!

Upcoming 2024 Opportunities

Partner with us for a team-building event to bring fortune bags to large NYC shelters, to communities of migrants. to low income families being supported by social worker networks or to street sleepers. Your company can sponsor a small or large event and help supply, packed food bags and distribute alongside the Sunshine Action Team! Join us in supporting the homeless and food disparity crisis in NYC!

We would appreciate any help in our mission! To coordinate corporate efforts with Sunshine Action US please email or call to discuss the possibilities -

Monica Bhardwaj, President of the Sunshine Action US Chapter can be reached at

Monica.Bhardwaj@sunshine-action.org or cell 914 588 8722