In the pursuit of upholding our motto “Feed the Hungry and Warm the Abandoned”, Sunshine Action USA holds food bag donation events. Food bags are distributed to our partner charities, filled with dry food and other necessities. They are given to those who are experiencing poverty and financial hardship. Packing these food bags are a means of spreading material goods and necessities to individuals and families that are struggling and need help.

The Child Center of NY



Men's Shelters


Maya's Place


Washingtonville Housing Alliance


St. Peter's Church


New York Center for Children


Breaking Ground at Times Square
Men's Shelter


Interfaith Assembly for Homelessness and Housing


A. Philip Randolph House

Food Bags

The Food Bag Program packs and distributes bags full of rice, pasta, dry foods, sauces, toiletries, and other necessities to communities in need supported by our partner beneficiaries.

Our Community

Our Partners 

Maya’s Place in the Bronx serves as a safe haven for homeless young women. They provide shelter, food, clothing, individual and group counseling, and medical care for up to 24 girls aged 16 to 20 including those who are pregnant or parenting. Maya's Place is one of two shelters operated by The Children's Village. The Sanctuary provides similar services for males and females in Westchester County.

Started 40 years ago by a bold group of parishioners at Grace Church, Lifting Up Westchester aims to alleviate the homeless problem in their local community. In partnership with them, the Sunshine Fortune Bags are delivered to a men’s homeless shelter called Open Arms.

Breaking Ground is a prominent NGO dedicated to combating homelessness in New York City. They provide safe and affordable housing, coupled with comprehensive support services, to individuals and families experiencing homelessness. Through outreach initiatives and partnerships, Breaking Ground actively engages with those in need, bridging the gap between homelessness and permanent housing.

Child Center of NY based in Queens, is a leading organization dedicated to improving the lives of children and families in New York City. Through a wide range of programs and initiatives, Child Center of NY addresses the diverse needs of the community, including mental health services, early childhood education, after-school programs, and family support services. Their holistic approach and emphasis on collaboration have made a significant impact on the lives of countless children, helping them thrive and reach their full potential.

The Washingtonville Housing Alliance is a dedicated organization focused on addressing housing needs in Washingtonville and surrounding communities. They strive to provide safe, stable, and affordable housing options for individuals and families. Through partnerships and collaborations, they work to develop housing projects that cater to various income levels. The Washingtonville Housing Alliance advocates for affordable housing policies and plays a crucial role in creating inclusive and sustainable communities.

St Peter's Church's Father Fabian Arias who was previously leading Iglesia de Sion in Spanish Harlem has been apart of the uniting of Iglesia de Sion with St Peter's church in 2020. He continues to serve the latin community with spanish mass inviting migrant families to gather at St Peter's for prayer, clothing donations and legal counselling/advice. On Sundays in front of the church tables are set up for donations. Sunshine Action was invited to participate on a sunday in food bag donations for 50 migrant families.

The New York Center For Children serves to provide free bilingual therapy services to victims of child abuse, those living with domestic violence, immigration trauma and community violence for more than 28 years. The NYCC was founded in 1995 as the Children's Advocacy Center of Manhattan. Clinical social workers and psychologists provide individual and group therapy as long as healing is required with the support of donors. Sunshine Action supported children in providing snacks needed during therapy sessions.


The Interfaith Assembly for Homelessness and Housing led by Marc Greenberg

Marc and his volunteers set up every thursday in front of St Francis de Assisi Church to distribute drinks and a snack. The organization hosts various groups every thursday to donate hot food , packed food and/or clothing. Sunshine Action has been able to participate with three Street Pop Up Pantry events in 2023/2024. Donations included non perishable food, toiletries and socks. To learn more about the Life Skills programs IAHH has successfully been running , view the youtube link above.

Interviews from Our Partners

Bertha Gallo - Community Service Advocate Washingtonville Housing Alliance

Beverly Gould - Program Director of the Perinatal Program Child Center of New York